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We provide services in clinic and online – so anyone can access, anywhere in the world.


Individual Art Therapy

The first service we will begin with is a: 1. Initial Art Therapy Consultation This is a introduction to discuss a clients therapeutic plan and goals. We will begin exploring these goals with art making. - 90 minutes Then we start - 2. Individual Art Therapy. This is where we will use evidenced based Art Therapy interventions to help client's reach their goals. - 50 minutes Parents and caregivers can also have: 3. Parent and Carer Support Appointments to explore how a child is progressing in Therapy and assessment of goals. -50 minutes


Other Services

Other services available to support clients to reach their goals. 1. Concise and comprehensive reports. From letters to other professionals to therapy reviews and NDIS reports. 2. Care Team Meetings and SSG's A meeting with schools/service providers to discuss goals and support a client collaboratively. - 50 minutes 3. Resource Building. Personalising and creating specific resources/psychoeducation and activities for the client. This will be customised to their specific therapeutic goals. - 1 hour.


VOCAT Report and Support

I am experienced with writing reports for the victims of crime assistance tribunal (VOCAT). Each client's needs, history and recommendations will look different so this report is very individualised. I also offer a reduced package of sessions so clients can access psychological support whilst going through this process. Please contact for more information.

Additional Information

Schedule Fee

Please get in contact for more information on the schedule fee. Individuals can access the Art Therapy services from multiple pathways, including (but not limited to): - privately funding - bulk funding (Orange Door, DHHS, VOCAT) - NDIS *self and plan managed

Cancellation Policy

A short term cancellation is if the client: 1. Does not show up for a scheduled support within a reasonable time, or is not present at the agreed place and within a reasonable time. - For NDIS clients this is 7 clear days clear notice as per the NDIS 2022 guidelines. - For private and bulk billed clients it is 24 hours notice. I understand that cancellations are unavoidable and want to ensure clients still recieve a service if they are unable to attend. Should the client need to cancel within the short term cancellation window, we can chose another service.

What to Expect?

This is the typical journey of Art Therapy: 1. Referral A new client will contact for more information. 2. Intake I will send out an intake form to gather more information on the client or we can have a quick call. Once the intake form is filled out and the client would like to go ahead, a service agreement form will be completed by the client. This outlines all the details of Therapy. 3. Initial Consultation We will set up a meeting in person or via Telehealth and discuss the client's goals and support plan. 4. Individual Art Therapy. We will work on the Therapeutic plan and goals using art-making. 6. Reaching Goals We will be tracking the Therapy with different outcome measures and evidence based assessments to ensure the client is satisfied with their goals. When the client is ready to close we can finish up the sessions and do any additional supports that might be required (i.e summary reports for service providers).

SOAR Art Therapy, Balaclava, Vic, 3183


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